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Director’s Message

Words of the Founder and Director… J.Manoharan

“ A small group of thoughtful committed citizen’s can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has” as i meant to say that whatever we do in our social and development work, we have to do qualitatively, enduring, lasting and ensure self sustainability.

I have been personally moved by the exposure visit organised by the Young Christian Workers Movement (YCW) by the poor plight and pathetic conditions of hundreds of poor quarry workers in Karnataka especially in Bangalore region which is a metropolitan city and ever fast growing city in Karnataka state. It is an ocean of poor disguised in slums, quarries, and poor layouts. As per the government survey, there are more than four lakh (400000) quarry workers in Bangalore alone, but numbers will still go high to great extent.

We all know how much Bangaloreans irrespective of caste, creed, and economical background depend on quarry workers and products. If Bangalore has developed sky touching buildings, apartments, layouts, etc., in fast as racket, an unassuming manner, quarry workers have contributed through their hard works of breaking stones into pieces, slabs, jelly, boulders, art stone, etc. No beautiful roads would become if quarry workers would not contribute, no skyline building come up if they had not toil it in quarries. In fact now they are called, “City Makers”, that sounds extremely good in our hearts.

I had also privileged to live among quarry people and take proud in working for their development for the past 35 years through this gross root organization called, Quarry Workers And Rural Integrated Development Society (QWARIDS).

From the ages past, we have known that quarry workers are migrated workers and lived in very poor habitation without basic civic facilities, and worked almost like bondage labourers. Most of them are illiterate, unorganized, and ignorance thereby, paving a way for various types abuses and exploitation, QWAIRDS takes pride in liberating more than five thousands (5000) quarry workers and forming more than 18 independent quarries thereby improving their living conditions.

We have been in the recent past focusing on empowering quarry women and providing education and vocation skill trainings opportunities to vulnerable quarry children through non formal education centres, born learning centres, evening tuition centres, bridge schools, model crèches, adult literacy programmes, socioeconomic empowerment of women, holistic health programmes for women and sex workers, etc.

As a result of recent survey conducted, we have found there are more than thousands of quarry children are abused and exploited sexually, physically, emotionally, neglected, and for various commercial purposes. We have envisaged that these children are provided opportunities to education and human development thereby provide opportunities to integral development and rehabilitation.

Much has been done, yet it is more to do for quarry workers who are mostly neglected, exploited, and deprived in various ways.

Countless people, agencies, firms, and individuals have collaborated and supported with QWARIDS for alleviating poverty and exploitation among quarry workers in and around Bangalore regions. While expressing my sincere thanks to all of them, I call upon all likeminded persons, agencies, individuals and firms to patronage and support for the causes of helpless and disadvantaged quarry communities especially quarry women and children.

I remain thankful,

Yours Sincerely,