Success Stories


The story of Devappa

A few years ago, Devappa, a student in 6th standard, ran away from home and became a street boy in Bangalore. For his livelihood, he worked as a cleaner in a hotel. Devappa used to visit a local park during his free time, and here he was exposed to homosexual, and unsafe sex. Initially, he indulged in these things for entertainment, but later it became an extra income. He frequently did not use condoms.

One day, our staff met Devappa at the park, and invited him to the QWARIDS office for counselling. He agreed to come. During counselling, our staff spoke about his risk of HIV/AIDS and STDs. After the counselling, Devappa stopped his sexual activities. To protect him from further sexual exposure, QWARIDS placed Devappa in a new job with a decent earning. These days, he comes to the QWARIDS office for regular counselling and guidance. In addition, he also often helps in identifying and bringing in other children engaging in sex for guidance.

Rescue and Rehabilitation of four children!!!

Mrs.Suraiah Banu (name changed) and Mr.Jaffer Sharief (Name Changed) were living in Durgakodihalli, Doddaballapur with their four children. After her husband committed suicide, the entire family of Suraiah banu moved to Bangalore city and lived in Hegdenagar. In order to support her family, Mrs.Suraiah banu became commercial sex worker. However, children were neglected and denied right to education and health.

Since she was a commercial sex worker, her mother in law took away all the children in spite of mother’s countless requests. During one of` the commercial sex workers’ sangha meeting, the staff spoke on education support to their children. At this point, Suraiah Banu approached the staff and requested to get back her four children from her in law and assist her to provide good education for her children. We counselled mother to acquire alternate livelihood training and provide good education to her children. When we also counselled her mother in law of Banu’s request. She would not listen, hence, we assisted Mrs.Suraiah Banu to file and finally, police helped her to get back her children. At her request, we also made special appeal to Muslim’s orphanage for all four children. Based on her story, the management accepted all her children to hostel and now they are getting quality education. Both mother and mother in law visit children periodically and care with love and concern.

Ms.Pavithra fought against her own husband....

Pavithra, a-15-years-old girl lives in Hegdenagar. After the death of her mother, her father deserted family i.e, children-Pavithra and her younger siblings Anu and Shiva till date. By then, her cousins forced her to marry her maternal uncle at the age of 15. After marriage, Pavithra realised that he is an alcoholic and he started to harrash, physically and sexually abusing Pavithra. Finally, he sent her out of home.

Unable to tolerate his torture, Pavithra approached the Child Rights Cell members for legal guidance and moral support. QWARIDS with the support of Child Rights Cell members counseled Pavithra and also her husband. After counseling sessions by police, for sometimes, Pavithra is staying separatly in a house provided by one of the CRT member. On police advice, her husband is undergoing alcohol De addiction treatment. Meanwhile, Pavithra’s younger siblings are enrolled to Protection center and regular school. Pavithra also continuing her education and hoping to re-gather her normal life.

Story of Fousiya

Fousiya (name changed), 12 years-old girl, is the daughter of Mr.Abdul and Mrs.Parveen, living in Hegdenagar, Bangalore. She has one younger sister studying in 4th standard and an elder brother working in garage. Her father is a heavy truck driver and occasionally visits home. Due to these situations, mother had become commercial sex worker without the knowledge of her husband.

Unfortunately, during a surprise visit by her father, mother was caught with a client at home. Since then he started to neglect children, and abuse physially her mother for her profession. Unable to bear situations, her mother twice tried to commit suicide and got treatment in the government hospital. However, she was not recovered well and she remained mentally ill. Sensing the problems, her husband ran away leaving sick wife and little children at home. At this juncture, Fousiya dropped out of school to care for her mother and siblings. The entire family including children underwent terrible emotional disturbances. To manage family, Fousiya joined garment factory, and elder brother in a garage, but asked her younger sister continue to go to school. The matter was discused in sangha meeting where Fousiya’ mother is a member. The Project staff counselled the family and children. As a result, Fousiya resolved and joined our bridge school. Educational Support was given to join Fousiya and she is mainstreamed in 7th standard to Holy Angels’ school from the present academic year 2013.

Mohamad Huzaif Khan's RTE application was reconsidered on RTE day by BEO!!!

Mohamad Huzaif Khan, a 6- years- old boy living at Marappa Garden, Bangalore was not giving admission at Metropolitan Central School under RTE, though he was given acknowledgement for his submission of RTE form. When the management did not release his name in the notice board, but was asked to pay admission fee. Disappointed by the unkind act of the management, they approached QWARlDS for assistance. On the 29th of March 2014, during the RTE day celebration, the area concerned BEO was invited for the workshop where the case of Mohammad Huzail Khan was raised. The BEO settled the case immediately with the principal and parents.

It was found that the Management had not submitted the application to the department, hence it is their mistake. Therefore, BEO directed the concerned authority to approve the RTE application of Mohamad Huzaif Khan. Now, Mohammad Huzaif Khan got free and compulsory admission to the same school under R TE provision.

Firdoz, sexually abused boy rescued in Hegdenagar

Firdoz is 17 years old boy and 6th standard dropout son of young widow Mrs.Farhana were living in Hegdenagar. His mother is working at Siddik's house as maid servant who was a commercial sex worker. As Firdoz was a care- free boy and substance abused, Mrs.Farahana shared it with her owner Mrs.Siddik to advise him to change his life style. Siddik took advantage of the situation, instead she started to seduce into physical intimacy and frequently abused him sexually.

As Farhana was our SHG member, she discussed it with the SHG members who counselled her to file a case against Mrs.Siddik. A case of minor sexual abuse is filed in the local police station. As a result, the boy has stopped visiting her house and now stays with his mother, Farhana. He is also counselled to give up substance abuse with the anonymous sessions. Presently, he is undergoing Skill training in Mobilise repair in our center. Our challenge is how to prevent Firdoz permanently not to meet Mrs.Siddik so that he would not again be seduced and introduced to commercial sexual activities. We are in constant follow-up with the boy and family.

The story of Lakshmi and her Siblings at Yarappanahalli Bande

Lakshmi, 17 years old girl migrated from Gulbarga lives with her widow mother and five siblings. In order to eke out their living, her mother works as daily wage earner. In order to maintain the increasing family expenses, her mother forced the elder daughter into sex with the neighboring rich man who was deserted by his wife. Taking advantage of Lakshmi’s family situation, he slowly lured other children also into sex.

The issue was brought to the notice of the QWARIDS staff in the Child Right Committee meeting. In the process of recue and rehabilitation, the children were counseled and 4 of the girl children below 15 years are enrolled to residential School and Lakshmi is enrolled to tailoring classes for alternate livelihood. The mother and the rich man were warned by the Child Right Trust with the help of local police station and regular follow-up by QWARIDS Staff.