What We Do?

Working Strategies of QWARIDS

  • Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation of children in various exploitation and abuse
  • Empowerment of women

Target Groups of QWARIDS

  • Children in Labour
  • Neglected and orphan children
  • Children of substance abuse
  • Children in begging
  • Children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS
  • Youngsters at Risks
  • Quarry and slum communities

Our Services

1. Child Rescue, rehabilitation & Counselling

Every child who enters QWARIDS would undergo counselling. We provide two types of counselling; initial and intensive counselling. The intensive counselling has series of sessions and regular counselling. The details of the child are revealed through initial counselling Our trained and professional counsellors who do process, identify the problems of children and help them to transform the attitudes towards life. The intensive counselling includes recreation and motivation therapy as well. At the end of counselling the child is mainstreamed to formal or residential schools. In some exceptional cases, the child is referred to other care and vocational institutions.

2. Day Care Shelter

QWARIDS provides temporary Day Care Shelter services to children lacking care and affection, who are emotionally exploited and abused. These children are at risk for exploitation in antisocial activities and various substance abuses. And female children addicted to substance abuse are at high risk of sexual abuse. QWARIDS provides, counselling and allied services to these vulnerable children in day care shelters which functions as one stop solution for children in difficult circumstances.

3. Child Labour Eradication

Child labour is serous and extensive problem with many children under the age of 14 working in hazardous situation. Child labour has been identified as harmful and hazardous to the child’s developmental needs both mental and physical. QWARIDS aims at reduction of child labour gradually and ensure the change in mind set of these innocent kids to get into normal and dignified life. We reach out to the working children by providing basic education to prepare them and generate interest to study further.

4. Awareness & Campaigns

To prevent children from dropout and addiction, awareness camps and child rights and life skill trainings are conducted in educational institutions. Periodical workshops, seminars, rallies, adalat on safety measures at workplace, parenting skills, government schemes & benefits, RTE, sakala, RTI, PRI, environment, etc, are conducted which are affecting the target groups.

5. Mother and Child Health Care

QWARIDS strives to reduce infant and maternal mortality rate due to inaccessible health services in quarry areas. Mother and child health programme aims at improving the health conditions of Antenatal and postnatal mothers, Providing nutrition support, linking with government Anganwadi schemes, educating AN/PN mothers on proper health check-up, immunization, vaccination and referring complicated cases to hospitals. Periodical health camps and health education are conducted to sensitize the people on Communicable diseases................personal hygiene and practices.

6. Education:

6. 1. Born Learning Programme

Born Learning Programme refers to early childhood education (ELC/BLC) among 2-6 years old children. The programme has double effects; it caters the childhood education of quarry children and holistic nutrition and health of children. The children attain holistic development through play way materials prepared out of waste materials and Web plans on alphabets, colours, numbers, shapes and languages, etc.

Every child in BLC is focused on development of five key areas they are:

  • Language Development or Linguistic Development
  • Psychosocial Development
  • Cognitive Development or Intellectual Development
  • Fine Motor Development or Physical Development
  • Emotional Development
6. 2. Bridge School & Educational Support:

Most of the children in quarries and slums are not enrolled in schools because of parents’ negligence, migration in search of livelihood results of dropout of children not allowing continuing the same school. Children are not provided education, health attention forcing elder children to look after the siblings leaving children all alone at home. Thus, these children are engaged in antisocial activities/bad habits. In order to rescue and mainstream QWARIDS identifies potential dropouts among quarry and slums communities, and enrol them to Bridge school. Every dropout enrolled in bridge school is prepared for exam as per the age and standard to undertake final exams. After ten months of intensive preparation, the children are mainstreamed with educational support to appropriate school.

6. 3. Non formal Education

There are large numbers of child labour found in quarries and slums of Bangalore who are deprived of learning opportunities. Thousands of children who start primary school are unable to finish their secondary school because of poor economic conditions, helplessness of parents, illiteracy, ignorance, etc. Working children are the objects of extreme exploitation in terms of toiling for long hours for minimal. Their work conditions especially severe often not are providing the stimulation for proper physical and mental development. Many of these children endure lives of pure deprivation. In these circumstances, QWARIDS provides non-formal education to the exploited and children abused commercially.

6. 4. Extra Tuition for vulnerable/children at risks

To prevent children from being drop out of school, extra tuition classes are conducted in quarry and slums. To improve the academic performances and also the awareness on their rights, children are enrolled in these centers. These children are provided with academic subjects, also the life coping skills, personality development, and scope for extracurricular activities. The school going children are trained on their weaker subjects in the evening hours to ensure academic Excellency. Potential and needy children are also provided educational aids like note books, uniform, school fee, shoes, etc.

7. Non formal Vocational Training and Placement:

Due to closure of numbers of quarries in Bangalore and due to imbued occupational diseases and life risks in quarry related jobs, QWARIDS promote alternate vocational skill training among unorganized and unemployed quarry youth. Some of the key vocational skills provided are basic computers, garment making, data entry, diploma in software, hardware, Driving four wheeler, mobile repairs and repairs of home appliances.

8. Women Empowerment:

Socio-Economical & Political Empowerment......

QWARIDS has started women empowerment programme among quarry and rural communities over the past few decades with trainings, animation, formation of SHGs, promotion of cluster federations, etc. The focus of women empowerment program is the holistic development of women in social, economic and political arena. Presently, there are 80 SHGs actively carrying out various development programmes towards economic empowerment. These women are trained on entrepreneurship development programmes on various profit based petty business. QWARIDS has mobilised financial resources towards sangha women willing to take up independent business. Over the past three decades, we mobilised approximately Rupees 50 Lakhs for 1200 women through revolving fund and bank linkages who are successful in income generating programmes. We also motivate Sangha women to take active participation in Panchayath and ward sabha meetings to ensure equal representation at government bodies.